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Argonne national laboratory logo

Materials Separation Research Facility

Argonne National Laboratory has extensive facilities for developing, validating, and demonstrating materials separation processes focused on recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and polymers.
INL idaho national laboratory logo

Advanced Multi-Stream Sorting Facility

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has expertise with research specialization in supply and logistics, analysis, preprocessing, and characterization of materials and chemicals relevant to manufacturing processes.
NREL national renewable energy laboratory logo

Thermochemical Process Development Unit Facility

The Thermochemical Process Development Unit (TCPDU) is available for R&D on gasification and pyrolysis processes for thermochemical conversion of biomass (and other organics such as polymers) to biofuels and bio-based products. Both syngas and bio-oil can be produced directly or can be upgraded and converted to clean fuels and other valuable chemicals.
Rochester institute of technology logo

Remanufacturing Process Development Facility

The Remanufacturing Process Development Facility currently supports development of the following types of processes:  condition assessment for reuse consideration, restoration and repair of metal, plastic, and electronic components, and reman process verification.  We anticipate adding the capability to support automated disassembly and reassembly, and process integration at a future date.

Rochester institute of technology logo

Cleaning Technologies Facility

The RIT Cleaning Technologies Facility provides a wide variety of medium scale commercial cleaning technologies, with flexibility to evaluate wide ranges of media and cleaning chemistries, as well as modifying equipment parameters.  This Facility is available for process development for new cleaning challenges, or to evaluate process changes (or compound processes) that yield more effective, and more cost and energy efficient processes.
The ohio state university logo

Light Metals Manufacturing Research Facilities

The Ohio State University (OSU) has a 2,000 square-foot high-bay experimental foundry (one of the few in the nation) and a 10,000 square-foot high-bay pilot manufacturing lab – Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME), which are well equipment for manufacturing of light metals (aluminum, magnesium, titanium and metal matrix composites).
The university of utah logo

Metal Sorting Facility

The University of Utah has developed two solid state devices capable of sorting non-ferrous metals from other non-ferrous metals or from non-metallic materials. While the electrodynamic technology (EDX) is targeting the separation of materials commonly found in the recycling waste stream for which there is significant value, but for which there is no readily available sorting methodology, it has broad implications. The lab is offering diagnostic services to characterize customer materials to determine candidacy for potential separation using the EDX method.

VT virginia tech logo

Advanced Separation Facility

Virginia Tech has extensive facilities for both fundamental and applied research and development projects in materials recycling, recovery and reuse. Two examples of these facilities include Virginia Tech’s Macromolecular Materials Discovery Center (MMDC) and the Center for Advanced Separation Technologies (CAST). As Virginia’s leading research institution, facilities such as these are used to fulfill Virginia Tech’s land-grant mission of transforming knowledge to practice through technological leadership and by fueling economic growth and job creation within the Commonwealth.