Major Initiatives


Transforming the U.S. Recycling system

REMADE℠ intends to embark on several new initiatives that are a natural evolution of our ongoing research and development projects. Read more about one of these initiatives, MRFnxtgen™, below.

REMADE’s goal is to transform the U.S. recycling system by developing technologies that will revolutionize materials recovery facilities (MRFs).

Did you know?

Only 36% of municipal solid waste (MSW) is recycled

Our Goals

Double material recovery and recycling rates

Increase the materials available to U.S. manufacturers and reducing the amount that ends up in landfills

Improve the economic viability of recycling across the U.S.

Materials recovery facilities (MRFs) play a critical role in material recycling. Today’s MRFs face numerous challenges, including uncertainty in market dynamics, contamination driven by the increasing use of single-stream (co-mingled) recovery, inability to handle the ever-changing mix of the products they receive, and undercapitalization. Building off the technology development activities of the REMADE Institute, the MRFnxtgenTM initiative seeks to transform the recycling industry by increasing the availability of high-value scrap materials flowing out of MRFs, improving MRF economics, and enabling brand owners to increase recycled content in their products.