REMADE’s research and development seeks to reduce U.S. manufacturing’s energy consumption, decrease the use of raw or virgin materials, increase the use and supply of recycled materials, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Our work is dedicated to increasing the reuse, remanufacturing, recycling and recovery of energy intensive materials.

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Our Focus


REMADE’s work to accelerate the Circular Economy through technological innovation is focused on four energy-intensive material classes: metals, including steel and aluminum; polymers, including plastics; fibers, including papers and textiles; and electronic scrap (e-scrap), formerly referred to as e-waste.


Our five key areas of concentration, or nodes, cover the material life cycle: Systems Analysis & Integration; Design for Re-X; Manufacturing Materials Optimization; Remanufacturing and End-of-Life (EOL) Reuse; and Recycling & Recovery

Material Classes

These four energy-intensive classes represent the greatest areas of opportunity to impact our technical performance metrics from a material perspective. From an investment point of view, we get the best chance of making the most impact by concentrating our efforts on these groups of materials.

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Our focus on accelerating the circular economy through technological solutions is grounded in our five key areas of concentration (Nodes). This Node framework allows the Institute to address the cross-cutting challenges that occur at each stage of the material lifecycle. 

Systems Analysis & Integration

Data collection, standardization,
metrics, and tools for understanding material flow

Recycling & Recovery

Rapid gathering, identification, sorting, separation, contaminant removal, reprocessing and disposal

Manufacturing Materials Optimization

Technologies to reduce in-process losses, reuse scrap materials, and utilize secondary feedstocks in manufacturing

Design for Re-X

Design tools to improve material utilization and reuse at End-of-Life (EOL)

Remanufacturing & EOL Reuse

Efficient and cost effective technologies for cleaning, component restoration, condition assessment, and reverse logistics