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This traditional research and development REMADE℠ proposal is to create a framework that addresses the knowledge gaps of RE-SOLAR design. The proposed framework will offer impact projections for future PV panel waste streams (globally and for the US) based on predictions of global PV growth, provide LCA of various PV designs, and demonstrate new concepts and innovation for the design of an industrial scale PV recycling plant. The proposal is a continuation of Project 18-01-DE-07.

Upon completion, this project will deliver PV in a circular economy (PV ICE) version 1.0.0 software tool with the capability to analyze embodied energy and equivalent carbon dioxide emissions given changes in Si PV technologies, new PV technologies such as tandem cells and perovskites, and effects of changing raw material sourcing or increasing recycled material in manufacturing; The tool will also be used to analyze reduced material consumption and the effect of open-loop versus closed-loop recycling on future CO2 emissions, energy, waste streams, and material economic value. This project will reduce primary feedstock by 1.08 million metric tons (MMT), 26.6 PJ energy reduction, 1.34 MMCO2e. Assumptions based on preliminary results of the exploratory project.