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Education and Workforce Development on Chemical Recycling of Plastics

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This project seeks to develop practitioner & expert level training in chemical recycling of plastics to educate, train, & develop the incumbent workforce for careers in Re-X, content will be prepared for both in-person and online delivery. The learning objectives include; to understand the state-of-the-art of various chemical recycling technologies, understand the product output for each type of chemical recycling process, understand the post-processing requirements needed to recover and separate products from a product state and to purify, modify and/or upgrade products to meet market requirements, understand the primary mechanisms for integrating the chemical recycling technologies into the supply chain for the products and co-products generated by the process, and understand the critical factors that affect the technical performance and costs of alternative chemical recycling process technologies.

The target audience for practitioner level training is intended for incumbent workers that currently work with Re-X technologies or in adjacent technology domains who wish to broaden their knowledge. Expert level training is intended to provide in-depth coverage of advanced Re-X concepts or technology and is targeted toward engineers or scientists trying to deepen their expertise.