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Data-Driven Design Decision Support for Remanufacturing of High-Value Components in Industrial and Agricultural Equipment

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This project aims to develop and validate a new tool package (D4Reman) for design decision analysis to improve the reuse rates of high-value components at end-of-life. The project is a continuation of exploratory project 18-02-DE-06. Upon completion, this project will create a software tool package (D4Reman) for data-driven design decision support consisting of a cloud-based software application along with an Excel plugin. It will utilize field reliability data and reman reuse data to identify design improvement decisions and quantitatively assess their influences on the initial cost, life-cycle warranty cost (LCWC), and energy and emissions. This project will reduce primary feedstock by 0.55 million metric tons (MMT) of steel and aluminum, 7 PJ energy reduction, 0.42 MMCO2e. Assumptions based on preliminary results of exploratory project.