Published December 18, 2020

Rising Star Spotlight: Jinqiang Liu

Jinqiang Liu
Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering @ Iowa State University

Jinqiang Liu is pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at Iowa State University. He primarily studies the planning and operation of grid-connected lithium-ion battery energy storage systems. His research also includes life cycle assessment and design decision making for the remanufacturing sector. He is working with Dr. Chao Hu, an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, on the project titled Data-Driven Design Support for Re-X of High Value Components in Industrial and Agricultural Equipment. We asked him about his experience:

Q: How did you become interested in Design for Re-X?
After several months of working on our REMADE project, I became aware that remanufacturing a component can significantly reduce the life cycle environmental impacts of the component. And our work in Design for Re-X is very practical. I am happy to do such meaningful research that has practical relevance in today’s society.

Q: How has your experiences working on a REMADE project changed your understanding of the issue?
My work on the REMADE project helped me to gain a better understanding of the value and challenges of Design for Remanufacturing. The technical inputs from our industry partner helped to reshape my thoughts on this topic. Earlier, I was more interested in abstract mathematics, but now I care more about the real benefits that Design for Re-X can bring to the industry.

Q: What’s your advice for the new generation of students considering careers in Design for Re-X?
First, a good Design for Re-X will reduce the environment impact of the product and contribute to sustainable manufacturing. Also, try to start with a smaller project of life cycle assessment and design for Re-X for one component. Such smaller projects can help find value and gain experience in Design for Re-X which can be exploited for bigger projects and gear towards a successful career.