Published December 18, 2020

REMADE Project Paper Wins Award

We would like to congratulate Dr. Emre Cinkilic, Michael Moodispaw and Dr. Alan Luo of the Ohio State University on the award of “2020 NADCA Die Casting Paper of the Year” for their paper “Thermodynamic Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Refractory Materials Used in Aluminum Die Casting” written in collaboration with Dr. Yeou-Li Chu of Ryobi Die Casting and Paul Brancaleon of North American Die Casting Association (NADCA). It was awarded at the Die Casting Congress that was held virtually in October.

The paper was based on their research done in the REMADE Project Increasing Melt Efficiency and Secondary Alloy Usage in Aluminum Die Casting.

The aluminum casting industry uses limited quantities of secondary alloys because of their poor quality (i.e. high concentrations of residual contaminants such as iron). In this project thermodynamic and kinetic models coupled with experimental validation and testing will be used to develop holistic contaminant control techniques including alloy, flux and refractory chemistries to increase melt efficiencies with higher levels of secondary materials use.

This award validates the technical impact and industrial relevance of our research to the North American die casting industry.