Published January 8, 2021
Vinyl institute logo

New Member: The Vinyl Institute

REMADE is proud to welcome the Vinyl Institute as one of our newest affiliate members in 2021. Founded in 1982, the Vinyl Institute is a U.S. trade association representing the leading manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chloride monomer, vinyl additives, and modifiers. The institute works on behalf of its members to promote the benefits of the world’s most versatile plastic, used to make everything from PVC piping to flooring, roofing and vinyl siding.

“The vinyl industry is systematically advancing in its sustainability journey, and we have taken important strides in our recycling progress, including setting an industry goal of achieving a 10% increase in post-consumer recycling by 2025,” said Ned Monroe, Vinyl Institute President & CEO. “The REMADE Institute can provide innovative technical research directed at recycling plastics that will be valuable in ensuring we achieve this benchmark.”

The vinyl industry in the United States employs over 350,000 highly skilled employees at nearly 3,000 facilities and generates an economic value of $54 billion.