Published March 17, 2021
Smelter service corporation logo

New Member: Smelter Service Corporation

The REMADE Institute is pleased to welcome Smelter Service Corporation as a new Industry Member to our growing membership base.

Located in Mt. Pleasant, TN, Smelter Service Corporation has been recycling since 1978. Over the years, SSC has continued to improve its aluminum recycling process with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. This technology, combined with our carefully trained and capable workforce, has enabled us to achieve the highest recovery rates in the industry. All this has been possible while using less energy in the processing of each unit of recyclable material.

SSC serves as one of the solutions or steps in the world’s aluminum recycling strategy. We procure raw materials and by-products from industrial scrap yards, primary producing facilities, rolling mills, etc. and either trade them into a different part of the recycling system or melt them into a usable form to continue onto the next recycling process step in the industry.