Published April 13, 2022
Schnitzer steel logo

New Member: Schnitzer Steel Industries

The REMADE Institute is pleased to welcome Schnitzer Steel Industries as a new Member to our growing membership base.

Since their founding in 1906, Schnitzer has grown into a global leader in metals recycling through a combination of organic investments and acquisitions which provide state-of-the-art processing, manufacturing and information technologies. Today, Schnitzer operates 102 recycling facilities, including seven deep water ports – on both U.S. coasts and in Hawaii and Puerto Rico – which enable efficient delivery of processed scrap metals to steel mills and foundries around the world.

Schnitzer is a global leader in the collection, processing, and sale of the world's most recycled product: steel. Through their integrated operating platform, they process scrap metal and manufacture finished steel products from their own scrap metal. Properly handled, scrap metal is a continuous and valuable resource that can be re-melted and reshaped into new products countless times while providing significant economic and environmental benefits as compared to virgin materials. They also recycle metals ranging from iron and steel to aluminum, copper, lead, stainless steel and zinc.