Mapping the Materials Base for REMADE

Join REMADE for an exciting project webinar looking at U.S. and global material cycles for metals, fibers, plastics, and printed circuit boards and how this key information helps calculate recycling rates and more.

The cycles serve as material baseline for the material or energy efficiency calculations the REMADE Institute makes when measuring the impact of existing or proposed research projects. The cycles were created using the tool of material flow analysis and follow a harmonized framework that ensures a consistent approach across REMADE materials when calculating process efficiencies (namely recycling rates). They are based on detailed system descriptions across a material’s entire life cycle and up-to-date material flow data at national and global levels.


Barbara Reck, Yale University

Dr. Reck is a Senior Research Scientist at the Yale School of the Environment working in the field of industrial ecology. Her research focuses on the sustainability of material use in society, informing environmental and resource policy as well as circular economy assessments. Beyond her extensive work on metals (namely nickel and stainless steel) her research includes studies on plastics and fibers (pulp & paper, textiles, mass timber). She has conducted in-depth analyses on metal recycling and its energy implications, and has developed metal recycling indicators, metal criticality assessments, and scenarios on the future supply and demand of major metals. Dr. Reck served as the inaugural node lead Systems Analysis and Integration at the REMADE Institute and regularly serves on advisory boards of international research projects.


Shahana Althaf, Yale University

Shahana Althaf is a Postdoctoral Associate in industrial ecology at the Yale School of the Environment. She is also a Fellow of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council (GFC) on Net Zero Transition. Her expertise is in the field of industrial ecology and sustainability where she analyses material systems to inform strategies to reduce their environmental, social, and economic impacts. She has a PhD in Sustainability and Master’s in Telecommunications Engineering Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her research on the sustainability implications of consumer electronics adoption in the United States has resulted in award winning journal articles (RCR Journal Best Paper Award 2019) and peer reviewed industry reports, which have received many media mentions (Yale Environment360, Recycling Today, Waste Today Magazine, Eco Watch, Resource, Fast Company, GreenBiz).

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January 27
- 1:30


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