Workforce Profile

By focusing our efforts on addressing knowledge gaps that eliminate and/or mitigate the technical and economic barriers that prevent greater material recycling, recovery, remanufacturing and reuse, The REMADE Institute seeks to motivate subsequent industry investments required to advance technology development that supports the U.S. manufacturing eco-system.


We are committed to preparing a workforce with REMADE-relevant skills.

To achieve sustained economic growth, we must start educating tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce today.


This roadmap was created to more effectively highlight how REMADE intends to develop the workforce needed to research, develop, and commercialize new REMADE technologies and solutions widely across U.S. industry, and to highlight the centrality of Education & Workforce Development to REMADE’s mission.

This stand-alone education and workforce development roadmap that is divided into the following sections:

REMADE Workforce Development Roadmap
REMADE Workforce Development Goals and Vision

Manufacturing Relevance
The work of the REMADE Institute is broadly focused on all material processing industries across the entire material value chain, including production, remanufacturing, and recycling. Because of this comprehensive scope, benefits realized from the Institute’s efforts may be adopted throughout the entire U.S. manufacturing landscape, rather than within only certain technology concentrations.

Workforce Profile

The REMADE Institute conducted a comprehensive Education & Workforce Development study to provide direction and suggest areas for investment, partnership and training development. As a baseline report, the strategies and suggestions in the Workforce Profile are being explored for further investigation through targeted focus groups and surveys with REMADE-relevant industry members.