Frequently asked questions

webinar logistics

Is the webinar being recorded and will it be made available?
Yes, the webinar recording and slides are available below.

Project Call 2.0
Monday, October 1, 2018 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET
Webinar replay link and slide presentation


Usual budget periods are annual, running from January to December. What will the budget period be for my project?
Project budget periods will coincide with the REMADE approved budget periods.  Please work with your REMADE Project Manager to ensure your project starting budget period aligns with the current REMADE budget period.

What is the expected range of project values?
REMADE will provide up to $500,000 per project, with a requirement of a 1:1 cost-share from proposal teams.

What are REMADE’s requirements for cost-share?
Please see section 2.6 of the RFP outline and membership agreement materials.

Do all participants in a project need to fill out an EERE?
Yes, all participants in a project must fill out an EERE 335.1 Budget Justification Excel Template that will roll up into the Lead Organization Workbook. 

What can I add as a cost for the project?
All costs must be directly related to the project and if applicable should include fringe rate agreement letters.

Process for Issuing Project Calls

What serves as the basis for the project calls?
The REMADE roadmap will guide Institute activities and project calls; the roadmap will be updated annually.

How frequently will project calls be issued?
At least annually, depending on needs and opportunities. Two project calls will be issued during 2018.

Will the 2018 project call also include exploratory proposals?

Proposal Eligibility

Who is eligible to lead proposal teams?
REMADE has not placed restrictions on who can be part of a project team. We encourage the formation of diverse teams, all of whom must be REMADE members, to help achieve goals that are relevant to the REMADE mission and knowledge gaps in the field.

Do all members of a proposed project team need to be REMADE members?
Yes, but the level of membership (i.e., Tier) may vary across teams.

Can a foreign company serve as a project lead?
Further information can be found in the REMADE Institute Foreign Entity Participation Plan.  If you're interested in membership, it can be sent directly to you. Please send your inquiry to

Can a company or university submit more than one letter of intent?
Yes, we recognize that companies universities have diverse capabilities and are therefore not limited to a single letter of intent.

Can a single principal investigator submit more than one letter of intent?
Yes, though it is not recommended due to the resource requirements for proposal development. We encourage teams to be thoughtful about the proposals they submit.

Proposal Process

In Project Call 2.0, does the RFP Topic RR-3 include metal as an area of focus?
Yes, the title has been updated to include metal and has been published in the updated version of the RFP.  Please visit the Project Call 2.0 Overview link to view the latest RFP document. 

Is information in proposals kept confidential?
Yes, all reviewers complete a conflict of interest form and sign a declaration not to disclose any information included in proposals. No proprietary information should be included in proposal executive summaries, as these descriptions will be used to describe funded REMADE projects.

Are the team members included in letters of intent binding?
We recognize that team members may need to be replaced with other team members with comparable capabilities following the letter of intent. Letters of intent will allow REMADE to identify needed reviewers in advance of proposal submissions.  

I have an idea for a project but am not sure which Node it best addresses. How do I decide?
Feel free to contact Magdi Azer - REMADE Institute's Chief Technology Officer or

Are metals, polymers, ewaste, and fibers the only materials of focus?
Yes, these materials classes are the focus of REMADE due to their potential impact.


How do I become a member?
Please visit the REMADE website at If you have any membership questions, please contact Kevin Kelley at or 585.213.1033.

Is there a list of current members or a way to help facilitate matchmaking to strengthen teams?
Yes. If you're interested in assistance, please email REMADE at
REMADE will facilitate matchmaking requests.