Foundational Projects

The REMADE Institute is excited to announce the selection of its first three foundational projects focused on
recycling and recovery of paper, fibers and e-waste.  

Platform Technology for Selective Recovery of Polymers and Residual Metals from Complex Polymeric   Content Waste Streams, including e-Waste      

This project will evaluate, validate, and confirm the effectiveness of a platform for selective materials separation technology that enables recovery of ABS, PS, ABS/PC alloy and PC from e-waste and other complex polymeric content waste streams.


  • Increase secondary materials, primarily polymers, by as much as 3.5 million ton/yr (> 100% increase vs. baseline)

  • Conserve energy by 350 trillion TBtu/yr

  • Reduce GHG emissions by 17.4 MMTCO2e

Assessment of the Impact of Single Stream Recycling on Paper Contamination in Recovery Facilities and Paper Mills  

This project aims to evaluate the impact of single stream recycling (SSR) on paper contamination in recovery operations and explore emerging recovery processes for minimizing fiber contamination.


  • Reduce costs by $10M

  • Reduce energy use by 100 TBtu/yr

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 450 MMTCO2e for every 1M metric tons of material recovered


Rapid Sorting of Scrap Metals with Solid State Device


This project focuses on the improving the separation of non-ferrous scrap metals from other non-ferrous metals using electrodynamic sorting (EDX) at high throughput and with greater purity and yield.


  • Sort scrap metals at a throughput of 1 metric ton/hr. with 90% aluminum recovery from fine Zorba

  • Enable energy reduction of 300 trillion BTU/yr (TBtu/yr)

  • GHG emission reductions of 15 million tons year CO2 equivalent (MMTCO2e)