Frequently Asked Questions


My institution was not part of the original proposal, how does that affect my participation in ongoing projects and funding? 

For an organization to join The REMADE Institute, it is not a requirement to have participated in the original proposal team. We are accepting new members and would be glad to consider your interest in joining our initiative. To participate in ongoing projects and obtain federal funding (if eligible), you must be a formal member of The REMADE Institute. This requirement also extends to all participants involved in the original proposal. Now that the final membership agreement has been approved by the U.S. Department of Energy, each organization must formalize their membership with the institute to continue participation.

Who decides who can become a member of REMADE?

Membership agreements and applications are reviewed by the Governance Committee of The REMADE Institute. This five-member committee reviews the submission to ensure alignment with the Institute's mission and technical focus, and approves the admission of new members to the Institute by simple majority. 

Does membership give me a voice in the guidance of the Institute?

Yes! Members steer the direction of the Institute through representation on the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The SAC makes recommendations on membership, IP management, the U.S. Manufacturing Plan and helps guide the Institute’s capital investments and funding allocation by way of annual input into the Strategic Investment Plan. The TAC participates in the annual review and update of The REMADE Institute technology roadmap and provides guidance to the Institute’s technical leadership on current and future projects and the technology priorities of the Strategic Investment Plan.

I am interested in membership, what should I do?

Please contact Kevin Kelley, Director of Sustainability & Business Development, at or 585.213.1033 to obtain the REMADE Membership Inquiry Form or visit our membership website page. After confirming eligibility, your organization will be provided the full membership agreement and supporting operative documents to complete the formal application for membership into the Institute.

As a small business, am I held to the same requirements as large enterprises?

We welcome small and medium sized companies, and offer membership options to encourage participation. For industry membership, the Institute provides options for small and medium sized companies with less than 500 employees or fewer than the U.S. Small Business Association size threshold for their associated NAICS code, whichever is higher. Calculation of company size includes all domestic and foreign affiliates as defined in 13-CFR-121 and is the company’s average number of employees (including all individuals employed on full-time, part-time, temporary, or other basis) over the last 12 months as calculated at the time of application.

What is the relationship between the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and the REMADE Institute?

The REMADE Institute is a division of the Sustainable Manufacturing Innovation Alliance (SMIA), a Delaware non-stock corporation with an independent board of directors. RIT led the proposal team and provided initial support for the Institute. This support period has been completed. SMIA is a standalone, independent entity with a dedicated leadership team and staff.

How are project proposals chosen for funding?

The project selection process is designed to ensure impartiality and alignment with the Institute's mission and technology roadmap. Submitted proposals are reviewed by a merit review panel drawn from the REMADE Technical Advisory Committee, Institute members, Department of Energy, and external subject matter experts. Merit review panel members are selected so that no individual member has a conflict of interest with any project under review. The merit review panel submits recommended proposals for approval by the REMADE Governance Committee and the Department of Energy.

Do I need to be a member to participate in a project call?

Recognizing that many organizations are in the process of completing their membership agreement, for the first REMADE project call, participants are not required to be fully executed members. However, prior to being awarded any federal funding associated with project selection, applicants MUST be a member of The REMADE Institute. All subsequent future project calls will be open exclusively to members of The REMADE Institute.

What is the basis of the project call?

Project call topics are carefully selected by the REMADE Technical Leadership Committee (TLC) to align with the goals of the Institute and the technology roadmap.

If my organization joins REMADE, are we guaranteed federal project funding? 

All University members, as well as Industry Tier 1 and 2 members are eligible to receive federal project funding. Project funding is based on a competitive project selection process. Organizations must be an Institute member to be awarded funding. However, REMADE Institute membership does not guarantee project selection or funding.

What is cost share?

Cost share is a cash or in-kind contribution made by members to either satisfy the membership obligation or to match funding for Institute projects for which an entity has been selected. Cost share guidelines are set forth at 2 CFR part 200 as amended by 2 CFR part 910.

How is intellectual property handled?

It is anticipated that members may need to bring background IP (BIP) to a project to create a particular solution. In addition, it is also anticipated that new IP (REMADE IP) may be developed in the course of developing any such solution. In each case, the owner of BIP retains their ownership and in the case of REMADE IP, ownership is determined in accordance with U.S. intellectual property laws. It is anticipated and expected that for the case of BIP and REMADE IP, the owners will make such IP available for license under reasonable terms and conditions to other Members in accordance with the REMADE Intellectual Property Management Plan.

I am part of a foreign owned organization. Is my US based organization eligible for membership?

It depends, while the mission of The REMADE Institute is to benefit U.S. manufacturing, it is recognized that in some limited circumstances the Institute may benefit from the participation of certain foreign entities. The criteria and process for making such a determination are set forth in the REMADE Institute Foreign Entity Participation Plan.