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Alan Luo

Deputy Node Lead, Manufacturing Material Optimization

Dr. Luo is the Deputy Lead for the Manufacturing Material Optimization Node of the REMADE Institute. In this capacity, Dr. Luo serves as an advisor and aid to Dr. Rohatgi, supporting research roadmap development and execution, identifying new needs and opportunities, and ensuring positive performance. Dr. Luo has led advanced research as a Professor in both the Department of Materials Science & Engineering and the Department of Integrated Systems Engineering at the Ohio State University. Prior to his leadership at OSU, Dr. Luo spent 15 years researching light metals manufacturing technologies with General Motors and translating his findings into deployable technologies to improve production activities—a critical translational asset to the Remade Institute.

Dr. Luo holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Anhui Polytechnic University (China), an MS in Materials Science & Engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology (China), and a PhD in Engineering Materials from the University of Windsor (Canada).